Low Mercury Hurts Cattle and Scholars; Rx: Miami Pastures

No, it wasn't really that cold last night. Now it may well turn out to be the coldest winter since '88, and the cattle industry will probably be destroyed again (as if it wasn't already under the prosperity of the present administration). But the reason you woke up in a cold sweat was pending examinations; the temperature only reached the low teens last night. The highest we can hope for tomorrow is a low '20s reading and some of the other kind. It'll clear up tomorrow evening and remain cold, but as the feller said, "Let the day's trouble be sufficient unto the day." Tomorrow, the trouble you're going to have, besides the first day of exam period is that:

"It'll be snowing (intermittantly)

So you better be going (immediately) home

'Cause you'll flunk out (inevitably)

Spring term at the U. of Miami starts Feb. 3.