Some clergymen last week opposed the establishment of a dog track in the little (pop. 1900) town of Bellingham, Mass. on the grounds that it would create "a demoralizing effect" on the community and bad traffic conditions. Inside sources, however, claim that the real reason behind the opposition is not traffic or anything like that but the local aldermen's dislike of the "city outsiders" who would build the track. And whether gambling at a dog track is any more "demoralizing" than Wednesday night beano gambling need not be a consideration in this case.

The fact is, there is no real need to build this track. The dog enthusiasts of Bellingham, about fifty miles from Cambridge, are only twenty miles from tracks at Raynham and Taunton, Mass. And these tracks, long the favorites of Cambridge fans, are as nice as tracks come in New England. If these "city" people want to build a track, they might do well to look over the Somerville, Medford, and Cambridge areas where, as "city" folks, they would certainly be more welcome. Their plan would definitely be accepted by other dog-hungry "city" people who are tired of driving to Revere, Raynham, and Taunton to watch the dogs, and rabbit.