Lightweight Crew Asks New Status As Major Sport

Two undergraduate athletic groups have recently petitioned the H.A.A. to be elevated to a higher official status. The team members of the lightweight crew, which is currently classified as a minor sport, are requesting to be given major sport status, and a group of weight-lifters is seeking official recognition as a club.

The petitions of both groups must first be approved by the Undergraduate Athletic Council, which will take up the matters at its next meeting on Monday, Nov. 25. Then the petitions must be submitted for final approval to the Faculty Committee on Athletics.

The Director of Athletics, Thomas D. Bolles, while refusing to venture a prediction as to the success of either petition, commented that "the tendency has has most of its eight back to try again.

In the past two years, two sports have made the jump to major status--soccer and wrestling.

The lightweight crew, one of the most successful athletic teams the past few springs, last year narrowly missed going to the Henley Regatta in England, and has most of its eight back to try again this season.

The weightlifters have previously worked out on an informal basis at the I.A.B., but now seek official approval for a club charter and a match schedule.