Arabs Riot in Demand for Return Of Administration in Gaza Strip; Tidal Waves Hit Hawaii, Japan

GAZA, March 10--U.N. troops used tear gas and fired in the air today to break up a demonstration by thousands of Arabs demanding return of Egyptian administration to the Gaza Strip. U.N. headquarters announced several demonstration leaders were arrested after the U.N. soldiers were stoned as they drove the crowd down Gaza's main street.

Yugoslav U.N. troops, who had been withdrawn from the Gaza Strip earlier, were called back to help deal with the demonstration, said Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, U.N. force commander. Belgrade radio announced earlier that Yugoslav units had left the strip. It gave no reason, but the Yugoslav government had hinted its troops would be pulled out of the strip if Egypt objected to U.N. control of the territory.

Earthquakes Cause Flooding

Quake-born tidal waves, raised by shock forces shot up from the ocean floor at close to the speed of sound, flooded Japanese fishing villages yesterday, several hours after the seismic surge wrecked two villages in Hawaii. Twenty-six beach homes were destroyed on Kauai Island by the waves, caused by two massive under the-ocean earthquakes near the Aleutians.

Navy Seeks Six Nuclear Subs Per Year

WASHINGTON, March 10--The Navy is heading its nuclear submarine program toward a broad-scale production basis, aiming at an eventual rate of a half-dozen launchings per year. Figures made available by the Navy today show that at least three atomic-powered submersibles are scheduled for completion next year.

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