New Leverett Addition Keeps Vertical Entries

Single-Room Plans Shown by Hoadley

Single study-bedrooms convertible into doubles will predominate and a modified vertical entry will be used in Leverett House's new building, according to tentative plans released yesterday by Master Leigh Hoadley.

Long central corridors on each floor will be sealed off with fire doors between entries, and stairs in each entry will run up vertical fire wells. Adjoining single rooms will be convertible into doubles by opening doors between them.

There will also be 12 four-man suites and rooms for House staff members and visitors, Hoadley said. The new building, which will be "essentially Georgian," will have a courtyard opening onto the river.

The new building is being built to replace Mather Hall, which will be taken from Leverett and added to the eighth House. It will contain four squash courts to replace those being torn down for the new House, as well as television and game rooms.

Tentative Drawings Soon

Hoadley met last week with administration officials and architects to discuss the design of the building. Tentative drawings may be ready sometime this week.

Across from the stairwell on each floor, there will be two bathrooms, one for each group of four singles or quadruple unit. Quadruples will have a large living room and four small, individual bedrooms.

Hoadey said that most House members had indicated they want doubles or multiple suites in sophomore years but they preferred singles for their senior year. He termed the new plan of easily convertable suites "ideal."

The new building will be located south of Grant street, between McKinlock Hall, the main unit of Leverett, and Dunster. Hoadley noted that plans for a tunnel between the units of Leverett House were impossible because of the steam and electrical tunnels which are under DeWolfe street at that point.

The new building will contain a photographic darkroom and a studio-workshop for artists and architecture students, Hoadley said.

It is not yet definite when the construction of the eighth House will begin, but demolition of existing structures in the Mt. Auburn-DeWolfe-Grant-Plympton St. block will begin this summer.

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