Ivy Teams Open Strong

The scores in the first Ivy League contests this weekend bode ill for Crimson chances. Teams rated on a par with Harvard showed disconcerting strength, and in the upper brackets, only Princeton failed to live up to predictions.

Columbia, rated as a likely bet for the cellar, upset heavily favored Brown, 23-20, on a 22-yard kick by Rudy Pegoraro, an alternate fullback for the Lions. Their coach, Aldo Donelli, produced a secret weapon in his quarterback son, Dick, who outmaneuvered Brown's defense to turn in two touchdown passes and a crucial, last-minute pass Interception. Young Donelli may make up for the loss of last year's one-man team, Claude Benham.

Yale's New Material

Yale, minus most of its 1956 players, trounced Connecticut, 27-0, behind the quarterback play of Dick Winterbauer. In last year's match the Elis eked out a close win over Connecticut, and there were a few who did not expect Jordan Olivar's squad to duplicate even that effort. Some cynics have commented that the UConn team has just recovered from a flu epidemic.

Cornell, which was supposed to get soundly trounced by Colgate, led the favorites until the last 14 seconds of play, when a 6-yard pass into the end zone evened the score at 13-all. A successful conversion gave Colgate an unimpressive 14-13 victory.

Gloom From Penn

More bad news came from Philadelphia, where the University of Pennsylvania held its heavily favored Penn State opponents to a one-touchdown win, 19-14. Though State opened with a touchdown in the first five minutes of action, its subsequent play did not measure up to expectations. Quarterback Hal Musick accounted for both Quaker scores, one on a 47-yard run.

The only bright spot on Saturday's scoreboard was Princeton's 7-0 victory over acknowledged underdog Rutgers. The one-touch-down win bore out some of Coach Charlie Caldwell's gloomy predictions about the strength of his Tiger team.