Girl Eyes KKK Title

Widespread interest in the first annual Kampus Kuties Kontest's search for eight Radcliffe cheerleaders has inspired a national foundation to establish a travelling fellowship for cheerleading, it was learned over the week-end.

A spokesman for the foundation said last night that the fellowship will provide for an international exchange of students interested in cheerleading. "Cheerleading" the official noted, "has always been a vital source of Americana, and now we can spread it abroad."

When asked if a Harvard or Radcliffe student would receive the first fellowship, the Foundation spokesman replied, "Harvard is the best in everything else, why not cheerleading?"

Several Radcliffe students last night expressed themselves in favor of the idea. "I would like to go," said one, "because European boys are so much easier to lead than Harvard men. And they cheer louder, too." Another added that European cheerleading is "much more continental and less athletic. Over there," she said, "a cheerleader is a lady of refinement and not a circus acrobat."

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