Russian Students To Arrive Here Early This Week

Several Russian students are scheduled to arrive in New York City today on their way to Harvard, according to Richard E. Pipes research fellow in the Russian Research Center. The students will spend the year studying at the Graduate School.

There is some doubt about how many students will come. The Research Center received a cablegram from Moscow Saturday saying that the students would leave there yesterday, but the cablegram included neither the names nor number of students in the Harvard contingent. Originally, four were expected, but the whole group may not arrive today.

Pipes said that the students, who originally were to arrive Oct. 10, will reach Cambridge either late this evening or early tomorrow. The students were apparently delayed due to "some trouble on their side obtaining visas," Pipes noted.

No special reception has been planned by the Russian Research Center, according to Marshall D. Shulman, Associate Director of the Center. Shulman said he hoped the students would "have a chance to settle quietly into their work as graduate students."

While at Harvard, the Russians will live in a graduate dormitory and do private research in the natural sciences, or in English and American Literature.

The exchange program, which is under the auspices of Columbia's Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants, has also arranged for 24 American students, including four from Harvard, to study at Moscow University this year.