The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In reading the article in Tuesday's CRIMSON, I saw that the Harvard Student Council, despite some dissenting votes, still claims that it exists by divine right. Unfortunately, the unenlightened masses have demonstrated their ignorance by refusing to pay taxes. Since the Council does not have coercive powers, it must seek its funds elsewhere, but it seems to me that the Council's new solution for raising funds is incorrect. Begging money hardly becomes the superiority that the Student Council asserts for itself.

I propose that, hereafter, the Council's expenses be paid by its members. This solution would have several good results. It would give a more solid base to the Council's aloofness. It would limit candidates to the right sort of people. It would eliminate radicals such as those who ran on an Abolition ticket last year. Perhaps the most beneficial result of my solution is that it would restrict the number of those unwanted, unappreciated--but worthy--projects that the Council undertakes for the edification and improvement of its constituents. Charles Hosmer '50