Students May Enter Government Service With Higher Ranking

Seniors applying for government service positions may enter the service with a rank of GS-7, providing they meet two academic requirements. Previous to this year, the highest position open to a newcomer was GS-5.

Requirements for applicants attaining GS-7 include "a sufficiently high score on a written test" and a B average or rank in the upper 25 per cent of their class, according to an announcement outlining the changes. Anual salaries for the positions of GS-5 and GS-7 differ by $940.

In a poll of the 1958 graduating class, 13 of the 137 seniors who planned to start work immediately intended to enter the government service.

However, this figure is misleading, according to Thomas E. Crooks, Director of the Office of Student Placement. "Many more than 13 students will probably wind up working for the government after they finish military service or further study," he said.