Blood Drive Contributions Lag Behind Predicted Total of 1100

Contributions to the annual PBH Blood Drive have been disappointingly lagging behind schedule, according to Leon Rothenberg '61, co-chairman of the Harvard-Radcliffe drive. He and co-chairman Read Albright '60 appealed yesterday to all students who are 21 or over to give blood today or tomorrow at Memorial Hall whether or not they have made an appointment. Students under 21 may give only if they can secure parental permission.

Rothenberg originally expected nearly all of the 1270 students who had pledged to report, but noted yesterday afternoon that only 585 pints have been tallied since Monday.

Everyone Contacted

Everybody who has pledged and not appeared has been contacted, but Rothenberg said that he could not tell whether the drive would reach its goal. On the basis of past campaigns, the chairman expected about 1100 of the originally pledged donors to donate.

Volunteers from Phillips Brooks House and paid nurses from the Cambridge Red Cross are conducting the week-long campaign. All of them have been kept busy since Monday, but are hopeful of better returns in the closing days of the drive.

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