Enter to Grow in Wisdom

One of the most remarkable things about a Harvard education is its facility for aging young men. The changes in a Freshman between registration in September and Christmas vacation are astounding and, presumably, rewarding. The latest evidence of Freshman sophistication is the eminently sensible suggestion by the Freshman Council requesting the extension of Saturday night parietal hours to 11:30 p.m.

What is so marvelous about the suggestion is the way it is phrased. It is to be an "experiment;" it will require that a couple taking advantage of the liberalized rules be chaperoned by two other couples; it makes the later hours contingent on a 48-hour notice to the responsible officials; best of all, it suggests that "there be normal lighting in all rooms at all times."

The phrasing is a stroke of genius. Only such a cautiously pragmatic change would stand a chance of gaining University Hall approval. The Freshmen have learned that Deans do not respond to big pictures, but can be sympathetic to little steps. In a way it is sad to see ambition stilled in such young and vigorous hearts, but one must be realistic, and the Freshmen have learned their lessons well. Their cause is a good one and their tactics commendable.