Wigglesworth to Return To Freshmen Next Fall

Opening of Quincy Allows for Change

Wigglesworth will be turned back to the Freshman class with the opening of Quincy House in the Fall, according to current plans of the Administration, Dean Bundy indicated yesterday.

In addition, a few student suites in each of the present Houses will probably be converted into offices for non-resident tutors.

The space provided by the building of the new House will not, however, be sufficient to remove Claverly from use as an overflow dormitory. The decision on the use of that structure will probably not be made until the Leverett addition is completed.

'Organized Out-House'

There is "a good deal of feeling," Bundy added, "that in the long pull it might be better not to have this 'organized out-House'." If this view prevailed at the time of decision, he indicated, Claverly might be withdrawn from circulation and remodeled.

Quincy House will also alleviate somewhat the large number of converted rooms. The Administration will "start" to attain the normal ratio of one bedroom to one student, but the construction of Quincy House will not at all bring this about, he added.

More Tutor Contact

The conversion of suites into tutorial offices will bring more tutors into direct contact with the House, a situation advocated by the Administration and the Masters.

In accordance with the CEP plans passed last Spring, the Masters are desirous of introducing more tutorial into the Houses, which would be simplified by the addition of office space. Some Masters have indicated a preference for this physical expansion over an expansion in the number of tutors in each House, which would result in a lack of "cohesion."