Extra Policemen Will Patrol Street Leading To 'Cliffe Quadrangle

Recent cases of men accosting Radcliffe students walking along Garden St. to the Radcliffe Quad have led Cambridge police to assign special inspectors to work in this area, an official of the department stated last night. However, no arrests have yet been made.

At the Radcliffe Yard last week, one girl was approached by a man inquiring the name of the adjacent street. Before she could answer, the man snatched her purse and ran away. The purse contained no money and was found yesterday on Acacia St., with the belongings untouched.

In another case last week two students returning to the Radcliffe dormitories were approached by a man offering to provide a ride in his car. The girls refused, on the pretense of going only as far as the Commander Hotel. The same man apparently accosted two other groups that night in the same area.