Fund Drive For Medical Center Hits $8.5 Million

The Harvard Medical Center fund drive has received more than $8.5 million in gifts and pledges, William M. Rand '09, chairman of the program, announced yesterday. The funds received so far represent approximately 15 per cent of the $58 million goal set for the program.

Since the Program for Harvard College has not completed its publicity drive, the Medical School is still conducting "a very quiet campaign," Rand said. He estimated that an all-out effort to obtain contributions would probably begin in the Fall.

Rand predicted that a library for the Medical School, the first objective of the fund drive, would be started by 1960. "There is no other area in the University where the quality of the department is so far above the quality of the library," he commented.

No Deadline Set

Though no deadline has been set for attaining the $58 million goal, Rand expressed the hope that the program would be completed "well within ten years." The amount to be raised is not definite, he added, since the goal is based on the needs of the Medical Center. Whenever a contribution is made to one of the seven hospitals which comprise the Center rather than to the fund, the goal for the drive is lowered.

Unlike the Program for Harvard College, the Medical Center drive is emphasizing large donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations, rather than contributions from all alumni. Several of the gifts received to date have been over $1 million.

Of the $58 million total, $7.5 million will be used in the construction of the library. The other funds are allotted for improvements in teaching, research, and faculty salaries at the Medical School and the associated hospitals.