Admissions Office Has No Plans For Use of New Test Program

Dean Bender declared yesterday that the Admissions Office has no specific plans for utilizing the new American College Testing Program announced this summer as a supplement to the College Entrance Examination Board.

Developed by Dr. E.F. Lindquist at the University of Iowa, the new program is scheduled to go into operation on Nov. 7 with between 200 and 300 colleges and universities in 14 states in the West, Midwest, and South participating.

While the CEEB will remain a requirement for all applicants to the College, the American College Testing Program may "provide useful additional information" for evaluating students from areas of the country where it is difficult to gather a large amount of material, Dean Bender said. It will take several years for adequate correlatives to be established between the new program and the older tests, however.

Although feeling that the growth of the new program may well be beneficial--"a monopoly isn't desirable in any field"--the Dean warned that there is a danger in asking schools to administer too many tests.