Radcliffe Tutorial Committee Finds Transfer Into Houses Impossible

The possibility of moving all Sophomore tutorial into the Houses is simply unfeasible at the present, according to members of the Radcliffe Committee to Study Tutorial. Even if such a move were entirely advisable, space in the Houses cannot now be made available for it, Kathleen O. Elliott, Radcliffe Dean of Instruction and member of the Committee, said yesterday.

The Radcliffe Tutorial House must continue to be used, as must scattered facilities in the Fogg Museum, Little Hall, Boylston Hall, and the homes of several tutors.

But to relieve these places somewhat and to stimulate an "intellectual atmosphere" at Radcliffe, the six-member Faculty Committee has urged that some tutors meet their students at offices in the 'Cliffe Quadrangle. Donald R. Brown, Head Resident of Holmes Hall, and David M. Bevington, Head Resident of Moors Hall, both now give tutorial at Radcliffe, but ideally even more tutorial should be given there, Dean Elliott said.

The Committee, formed by President Jordan last November, has also made a study of the possibility of mixed tutorial. Most significant among its findings, according to Dean Elliott, was "an over-whelming sentiment in favor of mixed tutorial" among the head tutors of the eight departments having the greatest number of Radcliffe concentrators.

One Third in Unmixed Groups

In view of this sentiment, she continued, it was "surprising" to find that over 30 per cent of last year's Radcliffe Sophomores were in unmixed groups. No comparable statistics are available yet for this year, since final decision always rest with the individual department.

Difficulty in making a comprehensive study of tutorial stems from this delegation of authority to each department, she emphasized.

As a result, the Committee has been forced to recognize that although a Faculty study of tutorial is valuable, any changes in the present system are largely up to the departments themselves.