Jameson May Teach Historical Geography In Freshman Seminar

A freshman seminar in Historical Geography connected with Social Sciences 1 has been proposed by the Department of History for the spring term. Andrew G. Jameson, instructor in History, will teach the suggested course.

The proposed seminar must secure the approval of the Committee on Advanced Standing, plus the Committee on General Education to receive upper level Gen Ed credit.

Work in the seminar will be co-ordinated with the general work in the course, explained Myron P. Gilmore, professor of History. It will be open to freshmen with special interest in the field, but "will not be an honors section," according to Jameson. He expects eight to ten students to enroll.

"Absence of formal instruction in geography makes it a logical subject to take up," Gilmore stated, but he doubted that the seminar will set a precedent for the introduction of more geography in the History department.

Work will include a study of some representative eighteenth century battles, the geographical expansion of Europe, the explorations of the sixteenth century and other topics related to the material of Soc. Sci. 1.

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