There was a day when Radcliffe students were not allowed in the Yard, and not too long ago Cliffe still had its own faculty, but times have definitely changed. After years of offering its students only the disadvantages of co-education, Harvard has begun to coat the bitter pill of Cliffe median-raisers. Cliffe monopolizers-of-Widener, Cliffe knitters-in-Emerson D. First joint tutorial, then combined organizations and activities, and now the eagerly anticipated announcement that Winthrop House and Comstock Hall have merged. Let's ring the bells and start the celebration.

Surely this move is but the first in a series of steps, all facets of a well designed plan directed toward complete fusion in the very near future. A tradition of inertia has been overcome.

But there will will be no stopping now. Already rumors link various other Houses and Cliffe dorms. And can anyone take seriously Master Owen's conservative comment that "there will be no extension of parietal hours for Comstock girls in Winthrop?"

But parietal hours can wait. Other matters seem more urgent. Once the merger is effective Comstock girls should be allowed entrance to all meals in the House (with some exceptions, perhaps, over breakfast). This is but a natural extension of the moves already taken, and seems highly desirable, especially for girls with labs and sections in the early afternoon. Of course corresponding privileges should be granted the Winthrop men.

The tutorial sessions are mixed; the dining rooms may follow; it is but a short step to the athletic field. Intramurals in badminton and volleyball and field hockey would complement the new system and the coming of spring.