Freshman Aid Will Increase In Fall Term

Higher Room Rents Necessitate Change

Most scholarships will be increased next year to compensate for rising room rents, Wilbur J. Bender, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aids, announced yesterday.

The greatest increase in scholarship allocations will probably go to incoming Freshmen, Bender added. While this year's scholarship Freshmen generally paid less than $185 per semester, next year's class will pay a fiat rate of $215 for rent.

Many scholarships for this year's Freshmen will also be raised, Bender explained. "The Freshman is in a tough spot because he will have to move from rooms generally priced under $185 to House rooms costing considerably more."

The Scholarship Committee will decide the actual size of scholarships for the Class of '62 during the summer, after House room prices are known. Sophomore and Junior scholarships will probably not be raised greatly, Bender said.

Stressing the fact that scholarships are judged individually, Bender warned that all students should not expect a larger stipend. "'If the family income of a student has gone up considerably, or if the extra expenses which a student must meet are less than $50, it is improbable that we will increase his scholarship," he insisted.

Bender also announced that the administration is considering raising the gap usually left between a student's resources plus scholarship and his predicted expenses.

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