Faculty Promotion List Includes Prof. Alfred

The University has announced the appointment of one new member of the Faculty, and the promotion of five Faculty members--including William Alfred, who is teaching Humanities S-114 ("The Experience of Drama") at the Summer School.

The new appointment of professor of Chemistry was given to William N. Lipscomb, Jr., who was chief of the division of physical chemistry at the University of Minnesota.

Harvard Promotions

The five promotions on the Harvard Faculty, and their new positions, are: Gerald Holton, professor of Physics and of General Education; Max Krook, professor of Applied Mathematics and Astrophysics; Hideo Sasaki, professor of Landscape Architecture in the Graduate School of Design; William Alfred, associate professor of English; John Preston Miller, associate professor of Geology.

Miller is currently working with Hallam Movius, professor of Archeology, on an excavation of prehistoric remains at Les Ezyies, France.

Medieval Specialist

Alfred, who teaches the General Education course "Crisis and the Individual," is a specialist in medieval English. Also a poet and playwrght, his verse tragedy "Hogan's Goat" will be published soon.