Many Gay Social Events Highlight Summer Planning

Yard Punch, Dances

The about 3850 students attending the Summer School in 1959 will be socially treated to all the benefits of a three ring circus and some of the exclusivity of Mrs. Vanderbilt's legendary "400."

Basically, three weekly events will serve to promote friendship among the students. Normally, the social week will be kicked off by a Square Dance at the Harvard Union on Tuesday evening, with the well-known caller Herb Gaudreau calling the sets.

This Tuesday, however, the famed Schneider's Band will serenade the happy few from the steps of Widener Library--on the Tuesdays following, through August 4, the Union will bow to the music and dancing of the Westland.

This Wednesday, from 3-5 p.m., the first of many perennially successful Yard Punches will take place. The students will gather together to consume two kinds of punch, listen to music piped from the steps of (where else but) Memorial Church and converse with some of their 3,849 classmates. These punches will take place on following Wednesdays through August 5, their relaxed atmosphere a means towards the student's winning friends and influencing people.

The final Harvard sponsored social event for the opening week will be the mixer dance at the Harvard Union on Thursday evening. Since the music will be live (supplied by the notable George Graham Orchestra) an admission charge of 50 cents per person will gain entrance to this non-formal, refreshments-served dance. These mixers will otherwise be held on Friday evenings through the last one on July 31