Princeton Bans Butts

All Princeton was shaken to the roots of its foundations last week by a faculty decision to bar smoking from lecture halls and classrooms. President Robert F. Goheen noted that "the restrictions proposed merely match rules long in force at Yale and Harvard," but some students and faculty refused to be consoled.

One member of the faculty said he felt that "the individual instructor should not be made to enforce the ruling." Another, a noted chain smoker, indicated that there had been considerable faculty opposition to the action.

Wilbur S. Howell, clerk of the faculty, emphasized that the intent of the decision was not to stop smoking "as a moral evil," but that it was "a blunt matter of dollars and cents." President Goheen said in his recommendation to the faculty that a total of $16,700 could be saved annually--$7700 for cleaning costs and $9000 for sanding and refinishing.