The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The recent comunications appearing in your column concerning the so-called "Stillman Negligence" case seems to be on the one hand lacking in facts and on the other hand avoiding the issue. I must sympathize with Messrs. Polacheck and Sandquist in their expression of concern over the delay in the arrival of any aid. However it is somewhat extravagant to expect the University to provide and staff a thoroughly equipped, trained, and immediately available rescue squad. The University Health Services did all that I believe could be expected of them as is demonstrated by the facts contained in the communication from Dr. Farnsworth which you printed December ninth. I am sure that, as Dr. Farnsworth asserts, the University physicians are "conscientious, thoughtful men and women." Be that as it may, they are not equipped to handle outside emergency cases with the speed and efficiency necessary. Dr. Farnsworth stated that the physician on duty spent five minutes assembling the appropriate emergency equipment. This is five minutes too long.

The Cambridge Rescue Squad is equipped to handle every variety of emergency. The men are trained and experienced in this work and are always ready to go instantly. It apparently has not been the policy of the University to call on the Cambridge squad, even though it is located right in the middle of the Harvard complex. Why the University operator has not been instructed to do this is the question to which I would like an answer. David R. Downes, Jr. '63