Freshmen Defeat Andover Soccer

With two minutes gone in the second overtime, Crimson right halfback John Elson a hard outside--past the Andover goalie to give the freshman soccer team a 2-1 victory yesterday.

Both teams were scoreless halfway in the fourth period until Andover forward Bob Upton headed the ball to the Harvard nets to give his team a 1-0 lead. But with three minutes remaining Crimson left half Larry Coburn scored on a penalty kick to tie the game.

The loss was Andover's first in two years and brought the Harvard record to five wins, no losses, and one tie. The victory marks the first time in several years that the freshman team has beaten both Andover and Exeter in one season.

Coach Dana Getchell commented after the game that the squad played "real hard defensive ball" which kept the game scoreless until the last period. The Crimson defense has given up only four goals this season, three of them in overtime.

Saturday the freshman meet a University of Connecticut squad away. High scorer Sam Thompson, who has scored four goals in five games this year, and right wing Billy Hitzig will lead the undefeated Crimson.