Executive Trials Plague HYDC, HRLU


"Disillusionment with College politics added to the pressures of academic work" has forced the resignation of the president of the Harvard-Radcliffe Liberal Union.

Peter D. Livingston '62, said that he resigned from the executive board of the HRLU last Wednesday because he "wanted to break with College political activities."

Criticizes Expanded Program

Much of Livingston's disillusionment stems from the new philosophy of the HRLU as "the center of liberal activity on campus." Livingston argued that many liberal issues arise at the College which should be handled by a "one-shot organization," not the HRLU.

Livingston explained that the constitution of the club was changed last year to enable it to handle "all liberal issues arising on campus." He said that it is neither sensible nor possible for the HRLU to handle each of these developments. "The row system has not worked during the past year and will not work in the future," Livingston charged.

"One of the primary functions of the HRLU should be education." Livingston urged. The former president said that the club "should study single issue questions, even though it is not equipped to handle them completely."