Pusey to See Japan, India On Fall Tour

Corporation Member May Fill Presidency

President Pusey will visit Japan and for two months next fall. As announced, Edward S. Mason, appointed Lamont University will temporarily fill Pusey's as Dean of the Faculty of Arts Sciences.

Sportedly, a member of the Corporation will serve as President when Pusey from the University next October November.

Pusey plans to leave on Oct. 4, traveling to Japan first. Although he may tour places besides Japan and India, he most of his time in those two . "I can't possibly visit all the we have connections with in the " he said.

his reasons for going, Pusey that he is continually making about activities in the East and has trying for many years to find time a trip.

the Harvard "connections" in , Pusey cited graduates and as- of the School of Public Health hold offices in several countries, and alumni teaching all over the said he will try to keep his trip informal basis, but, he remarked, President of Harvard can't be totally ," because Harvard is an name in the East. He plans to people in both universities and government.

Pusey will accompany the President.