'65 Approaches Predicted Figure

The entering freshman class will not include more than the expected 1,200 students, Edward T. Wilcox, Acting Director of Admissions, predicted yesterday, although 86 percent of those replying plan to attend the College.

By yesterday afternoon, approximately 1,100 students had accepted admission to the class of 1965. Less than 100 of he 1,380 candidates admitted have not yet replied by the June 1 deadline.

Because there is generally a larger proportion of refusals among those who reply later, Wilcox expects that the 82 per cent acceptance rate predicted by the Committee on Admissions and Scholarships will prove accurate.

The remainder of the Class will be made up of students on the 200-name waiting list and of students who took May College Board exams. The Admissions office will decide on the applications of the latter group after it receives their scores.

Wilcox reported a "strong" response to last Saturday's rumors that 518 of the accepted applicants had refused admission. Eager parents, high school guidance counselors, and even one Faculty member called the Office in hopes of obtaining admission for previously rejected candidates.