Law School Alumni Present Plaque In Honor of Oldest Living Graduate

The Harvard Law School and the Harvard Law School Association Presented a plaque yesterday to Samuel Williston, '82, Dane Professor of Law, Emeritus, on his one-hundreth birthday.

Erwin Griswald, Dean of the Law School, mfade the presentation to Mrs. Murray F. Hall, Professor Williston's daughter, who accepted the plaque on behalf of her father, the Law School's oldest living graduate.

In 1920, Professor Williston received the first gold medal awarded by the American Bar Association for "conspicuous service to American jurisprudence."

Williston taught at the Law School for nearly 50 years, and specialized in the law of contracts and sales. He served as Reporter for the Restatement of the Law of contracts and worked to secure uniformity in state commercial legislation.

After receiving his A.B. from Harvard in 1882, Professor Williston earned his A.M. and LL.B. in 1888. Harvard honored him with the degree of Doctor of Laws in 1910, as did Amherst in 1923, Yale in 1926, and Williams in 1936.

The plaque, written by Paul A. Freund, Carl, M. Loeb University Professor, is signed, for the Law School, by Dean Gristwold, and by James A. Fowler, Jr., President of the Harvard Law School Association.

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