'Murder' Will Tour Yale, Princeton for Week's Run

After two near sell-out runs locally, the Adams House production of Murder in the Cathedral will go on tour to Yale and Princeton during the first week of the Spring term.

Problems involving transportation, finance, and hesitant cast members were finally resolved. "The only thing that night keep us from going now would be a completely unforeseen circumstance," said Richard G. Corum '62, director.

Churches Serve as Sets

Christ Church in New Haven and Trinity Church in Princeton (both off-campus Spiscopal churches) will serve as sets, providing Gothic atmosphere similar to that of Saint John's Chapel here in Cambridge. Saybrook College at Yale and the Chapel Deacons, a student group at Princeton, will sponsor the production.

Cast members from Harvard will stay at Yale's Saybrook College, while Radcliffe players will be guests at the homes of Radcliffe Club members in New Haven. Similar arrangements are being made for lodgings in Princeton.

Estimating the trip's cost at about $2000, Corum said that the tour would have to pay for itself. The show will break even with houses two-thirds full in all six nights of the tour and with contributions from patrons.

Proceeds from the original and the held-over performances all go to the Adams House Committee, according to P. Michael Lehmann '63, producer. Some of this money may be used to purchase green altar hangings for the chancel at the Episcopal Theological Seminary, which housed the production.

Murder in the Cathedral played to full houses in its initial run Dec. 6-10, and then reopened last week for four nights.