Wink Stink

The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

It has been rumored that the Harvard tiddlywinks team has been hiding from the Brown team. On a recent trip to Columbia University in New York City, the Cambridge club completely by-passed Providence, out of fear. As a last ditch effort, the Brown club is attempting to make contact with this elusive semi-potential foe by contacting them through the CRIMSON. We have taken this whole affair as a terrible affront, the Brown club having established Ivy Ieague tiddlywinks in 1793. In the first match, our team, led by Roger Williams Brown, easily defeated John Harvard's bastard grand-nephew, Rufus. Our predominance in the field has not been contested since.

Thus, the Brown Tiddlywinks Union challenges the Harvard club to a match on a suitable weekend date of their choosing. In keeping with our motto, "Toward a Better Union," we hope the fair name of the sport will be redressed and that we shall soon meet Harvard on the field of play. Robert Miller '63   President