Varsity Swimmers Expect Easy Win Over Springfield in Opening Contest

You'd think that Springfield College would get discouraged. Harvard perennially trounces the western Massachusetts school in the first swimming meet of the season, but the Maroons keep coming back for more, and will play host to a strong Crimson team at 2 p.m. today.

It's not that the Maroon team is that bad; it always finishes high in the New England league standings. But the school is too small to provide enough top swimmers to match the Crimson's depth, and coach Bill Brooks anticipates "absolutely no trouble" in today's contest.

Brooks feels that the varsity is a balanced squad, but not equal to the strength of last year's undefeated team. The coach pointed out, however, that he has considerable talent to rebuild the squad, which lost its nucleus in June.

Captain Alan Engelberg and sophomore Greg Skalinder will provide the team with strength in the free-style sprints, while Harry Turner, Dave Brandling-Bennet, and last year's freshman captain Dave Abramson should be hard to beat in the longer free-style events.

In the past, diving has been Harvard's weakest event, but this season sophomore Dave Mahoney and senior Jeff Lewy will form what Brooks feels will be one of the best diving teams in Crimson history.

Brooks predicted that the varsity should take eight of its 11 meets, but sees Yale, Princeton, and the "greatest team in Army history" as formidable opponents. The squad battle West Point next week, and Brooks is afraid that the Crimson will not be up for the challenge.

Coach Ben Merritt is "very encouraged" by his freshman squad, which will also take on Springfield today. There are several secondary school All-Americans on the Yardling team, and they should have not trouble matching the varsity's victory.