Presidents of Harvard University

Charles William Eliot1869-1909 Abbott Lawrence Lowell   1909-1933 James Bryant Conant  1933-1953 Nathan Marsh Pusey  1953- Deans of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dunbar, C. F.  1890-95 Peirce, J. M.  1895-98 Smith, C. L.  1898-02 Briggs, L. B. R.  1902-25 Moore, C. H.  1925-31 Murdock, K. B.  1931-34 Birkoff, G. D. (Acting)  1934-35 Brikhoff, G. D.  1936-39 Ferguson, W. S.  1939-41 Buck, P. H.  1924-53 Bundy, McG.  1953-61 Mason, E. S. (Acting)  1961 and Pusey, N. M. (Acting)  1961-