Casablanca Debauch Saddens Bog-Symps

Sam didn't play it at all yesterday as Boston's Channel 4 attempted to show the Humphrey Bogart classic, "Casablanca." A combination of vicious cutting and a projectionist's slippery fingers left hundreds of Bogey's Cambridge connoisseurs weeping as time went by during "Boston Movietime" yesterday afternoon.

"It could be the end of a beautiful friendship" with WBZ-TV, one disgruntled fan commented after a projectionist left out the film's middle reel. WBZ filled the remaining time with "The Life of Louisa May Alcott," instead of rounding up the usual suspects again.

About 60 callers complained to Channel 4's harried switchboard operator, beginning after the Marseillaise was suspiciously sung shortly after Peter Lorre's arrest. Channel 4 has not yet decided whether Sam will play it again in the near future.