Dorm Presidents Move to Reinform 'Cliffies of Parietal Rule Liability

The Radcliffe dormitory presidents intend "to reinform Cliffies of their liability concerning Harvard parietal rules," Gall Thain '64, president of the Board of Hall, said yesterday.

Miss Thain said the measure is being taken "in order to spread general awareness of a particularly tender issue." She admitted that the recent controversy over Harvard parietal regulations helped to provoke the Board's action.

The Board of Hall, which includes the dorm presidents and the president of the RGA, is responsible for general dormitory administration at Radcliffe.

The Radcliffe rulebook states that students must follow "parietal rules and other regulations of Harvard Institutions." However, Miss Thain observed that many students are not aware of the rules, white the consequences of overstepping them are undefined.

Several dorm presidents expressed fear that closer ties with Harvard regulations will bring Radcliffe under the Harvard judicial system, which may deal with offenders more automatically than Radcliffe's Judicial Board.

The disparity in present penalties was emphasized last spring when a Radcliffe senior and two Harvard undergraduates were found in a College room after parietal hours. The 'Cliffie was warned of the seriousness of her offence, but was permitted to graduate. The Harvard students were asked to take leaves of absence.

Consideration of individual offenses is now given by the College Judicial Board, President Mary I. Bunting commented. She added, however, that "cases where Radcliffe girls are involved in infringement of the rules of Harvard or any other university will be handled most severely."

Most offenses within Radcliffe are handled by House Boards in East and North House. South House has not yet established a board.