HCUA Considers Severing Ties With National Student Association

The Harvard Council for Undergraduate Affairs may sever its affiliation with the National Student Association.

Meeting last night, the Council considered a proposal which would have NSA delegates elected by the entire Harvard student body. Presently the HCUA appoints representatives. Discussion was tabled until the next meeting so that members might study the proposal more carefully.

A discussion considering possible censure of the House Masters was also tabled. Michael Galazka '64 reported that the Masters ruled last week that two houses cannot hold a joint social activity away from the House grounds. "It seems unfair that the Masters can make such an arbitrary ruling without consulting members of the House committees," Galazka, said.

Galazka noted that the Masters refused to give any reason for their decision. He felt that the HCUA should insure that the Masters are aware of student opinion before they make a similar ruling in the future.

Dunster House Polled

Reed Ellis '65, chairman of the Rents Committee, reported that the Committee has conducted a poll at Dunster House which showed a wide discrepancy between House office estimates of room rent value and estimates given by members of the House. Alwin M. Pappenhiemer, Master of Dunster House, was "flabbergasted by the results," Ellis said.

Ellis also noted that the Committee will consider the employment of a "thirteen-variable equation to objectively determine room rents." The Committee is also studying the Yale rooming system which charges one uniform rent and determines the allocation of rooms by lottery.

Ellis reported that the Committee would conduct a poll in the Freshmen Union next week to determine the freshmen's opinion of the uniform rent system used in the Yard. The Committee will also poll House students to see if the Dunster House poll reflected a situation common to all Houses.

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