Printers Triumph Over Crimson; Penkul, Rogan Key to 23-2 Win

Boy, was the Crimson creamed by the Crimson Printers. 23.2. It took a thrilling ninth inning rally, including a grand slam by "Ozark" Overton and a crucial catch by ace linotyper Frank Rogan of long-ball hitter Charlie Bevard's bid for immortality to finally new things up, but the Printers under Coach "Red" Downs, did it.

Eph Siggel, star pitcher for the Harvard boys, threw a no-hit game for seven innings until Al Daly hit a fierce bunt past third-baseman Petey Kann. The Crimson scored its lone two runs in the sixth inning on a 500 ft. blast by Al "Four Eyes" Crenshaw, one-time geologist and photo chairman. The play had been set up by a crucial bobble of an easy infield fly ball, hit by Richard "Gnat" Ruge.

The Printers hit back with a 14 run eighth inning, blasting the unfortunate Siggel from the box. "Too bad," revealed Bruce Paisner, who had taken time off from his duties as an Executive to manage his inept team. Leading the Printer's attack was "Stitch" Penkul, who was hit by an incredible series of pitched balls every time he was up, getting 7 walks and 10 stolen bases.