Cliffies Okay Another Fast, Set for Dec.

The Radcliffe Government Association legislature yesterday voted its approval of a "Thanksgiving fast" sponsored by the National Student Association, of which RGA is a member.

Although the 'Cliffe fast is not scheduled to take place until Dec. 8, the money saved from reduced food orders will be used to provide Thanksgiving dinners for needy Negro families in Mississippi.

Ellen Lake '66, who introduced the motion, stressed the fact that this proposal is quite different from the SNCC fast last spring to which many 'Cliffies objected.

Rather than signing up on lists posted on dorm bulletin boards, those girls interested in participating in the project will place their names in the dormitory ballot box.

This attempt to ensure anonymity will hopefully eliminate the "social pressure" complaints voiced last spring.

The question of whether or not RGA has the right to "participate in a controversial event not directly related to college life" is not an issue in the present case, advocates of the plan explained.

Since NSA is sponsoring the plan, RGA is in a position of approving an NSA proposal rather than independently organizing a college fast.

Opponents of the plan pointed out that last year most of the fasters bought dinner, thus spending more than the 50 cents saved by the sacrificing the dorm meal.

One Cliffe confirmed their fears when she remarked last night after the meeting, "Another fast? Who's sponsoring this one, the Midget Restaurant?"