The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Every time a Radcliffe student has a guest to dinner, it costs her $1.30. For lunch at the Graduate Center, she gets 80 cents worth of food. These are the established rates for Radcliffe meals.

For tonight, Dec. 8, 518 girls have chosen well ahead of time not to eat dinner, and to send the money to Mississippi. Those who wanted to fast, and thus contribute, placed their names in little paper bags--so there was secret balloting and no one was "pressured" into publicly signing up. Those who do not fast will be served a hot meal, so that they are not "punished" for lack of participation. And everyone lives happily ever after. However--there is a slight discrepancy between the $1.30 per person charged for dinner, and the 50 cents being sent to Miss. Certainly some of the money goes to pay help, but I doubt that it is 2/3. Admittedly, Radcliffe food is not of the highest quality--but do we really subsist on 50 cents worth? Many students will go out to dinner tonight and pay at least $1.00. If we are interested in contributing money to Mississippi. It seems only reasonable that we send as much as we "sacrifice." Jean Strouse '67