Varsity Fencers Face Bradford-Durfee Here

The Harvard fencing team goes after its third victory of the season today, hosting Bradford-Durfee at 2 p.m. In the only home athletic event scheduled this afternoon.

The fencers are riding high after easy victories over Holy Cross and Brandeis, and a one-point loss to an NYU squad that is perenially one of the best in the country.

CCNY Match Looms

Harvard ought to beat Bradford-Durfee today, and should make it a 5-1 by beating Holy Cross and M.I.T. next week. Then comes the second tough match of the season, against powerful CCNY Saturday. Ordinarily the New York club would be an overwhelming favorite, but after the NYU meet, Harvard is not giving up.

A powerful foil team, headed by Dave Dooley and sophomore Tom Musliner, has provided most of the points for the Crimson this year.