Big 'Cliffe Dance Snows the Fans

A good time was had by all at the South House Master's Ball Saturday night, a situation well nigh unprecedented at Radcliffe College.

"It's going to be elegant, dammit," promised the organizers a month ago, and it was nothing if not elegant. All the girls wore floor-length dresses, the floors of Agassiz ballroom were polished up to a high sheen, and even the janitor had on a black tie (with his dark suit).

Estimates of the number of people attending ranged from 100 to 300. They all reportedly enjoyed themselves, "because they knew just what to expect." But every other dance was a Viennese waltz, noted a little Barnard girl, "which is kind of unfortunate if your date doesn't know how to waltz."

A group of about 25-30 boys, "looking like their dates had just run off," formed a stag line. Dance chairman Nancy Elsenpeter '66 invited all the young men that South House girls wished asked.

Five freshmen boys ran around emptying ashtrays and giving girls ("who looked like they needed it") some of the light wine and fruit punch. They carefully made off with all the pineapple that had been in the punch bowl afterward.

Samuel E. Thorne, Master of South House and host of the party, when asked to make a speech merely stood up and declared, "They said it couldn't be done."