Newman Heads Behavior Center; Miller to Chair Psych Department

Edwin B. Newman, lecturer on Psychology, has been named Director of the new Behavioral Sciences Center, President Pusey announced yesterday.

At the monthly meeting of the Faculty, Pusey also disclosed that George A. Miller, professor of Psychology, will replace Newman as Chairman of the Department of Psychology.

As director of the Behavioral Sciences Center--a newly created post--Newman will be responsible for "the general administration of research grants and the operations of the physical facility" of William James Hall, Dean Ford said yesterday.

Newman will head a five-man executive committee appointed to oversee the Center. Besides Newman, who is also Director of the Psychological Laboratories, the committee includes Jerome F. Bruner, professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies; David C. McClelland, professor of Psychology and Chairman of the Department of Social Relations; Miller; and Robert F. Bales, professor of Social Relations and Director of the Social Relations Laboratories.

Since McClelland, Miller and Bales are all absent this year, Roger W. Brown, professor of Social Psychology and Acting Chairman of the Soc Rel Department, and Talcott Parsons, professor of Sociology, will serve on the committee until June 30.

Ford said that while the "general allocation of space" in William James Hall has already been made, the committee will be needed to iron out disputes over who gets what space and 'what contract commitments can be "what contract commitments can be

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