More Interhouse 'Possible' for 'Cliffe

Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, assistant dean of the Faculty for Resources and Planning, is reported to be investigating the possibility of allowing interhouse dining at Radcliffe for Sunday dinner in addition to Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Trottenberg met with Lois R. Goodman '66 and Even A. Davis '66 earlier in the week to discuss the entire inter-house proposal. Davis, the secretary of the Harvard Council on Undergraduate Affairs, said yesterday that Trottenberg was "in favor" of including Sunday among the 'Cliffe meals, but that he would have to "discuss the matter" with Miss Marjorie Russ, Radcliffe dietitan.

Miss Russ indicated yesterday, however, that she would do "whatever the Radcliffe Administration decided."

Deans Meet

Three Radcliffe deans met with executives of the Radcliffe Government Association yesterday to discuss certain interhouse proposals raised at last Thursday's RGA meeting.

At that time, Judith A. Parker '66, a member of the legislature, made a motion that "RGA recommend [to the deans that in order that planned interhouse dining be a success, nights on which Harvard men may eat at Radcliffe be increased, changed, or both."

During the discussion that followed, several Cliffies pointed out that "intercollege dining without charge" would have little chance of succeeding under the current plan.

When Trottenberg announced the interhouse experiment, he said that it would not be discontinued at the end of March if approximately the same number of free meals were not taken at Radcliffe and Harvard.

"It's obvious that we can't equal the amount Harvard makes from us if we have the same number of nights," one member of the legislature remarked. "Especially, if the nights are Tuesday and Thursday," another added.

The consensus was that RGA should recommend that interhouse at Radcliffe be available more often than twice a week and that the meals include either Wednesday night dinner or Sunday lunch.

"The food is so much better on Wednesday and Sunday," one member of the legislature explained. "Who wants to bring a date for dinner when they're serving meatloaf?"

Motion Accepted

After Miss Parker's motion was accepted unanimously, RGA executives arranged the meeting with the deans.

Stephanie Krobs '65, president of RGA, said last night that they had submitted RGA's recommendations to the deans, but that she refused to say if any further action would be taken. The deans said that they had "no comment" to make concerning the legislature's proposals.