Delayed Students Get HSA Refund

The 39 students who were on a delayed HSA charter flight returning from San Francisco this Christmas each received a 50-dollar refund check yesterday.

The refund, financed by American Airlines and the University Travel Service, was made at the request of HSA.

The American Airlines Jan. 3 flight had begun leaking fuel one-half hour off the ground and returned to San Francisco. By 2 a.m. the next morning the students had been given no food or accommodations.

After the students circulated a petition, the airline gave each student a 3-dollar meal ticket and--at 3:30 a.m.--provided hotel rooms. The repaired plane took off the next morning without incident.

Many of the students involved did not think the refund compensated for their delay and irritation. The HSA officials concerned, however, were not available for comment.

The letter accompanying the refund stated that the organization plans to improve service by scheduling more jet flights, and that HSA is always concerned with the welfare of its patrons.