Bundy to leave Washington Job

McGeorge Bundy, special assistant to the President for national security affairs and former dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, will almost certainly resign his government post to become President of the Ford Foundation, the CRIMSON has learned.

The motivation behind Bundy's decision is a matter of deteriorating personal relations between him and the President rather than any policy differences.

There have been frequent indications that Bundy's departure is imminent. An announcement earlier this week indicated that Bundy will not attend conferences at the White House this weekend dealing with future conduct of the war in Vietnam.

According to Washington columnist Joseph Kraft, the President regards Bundy "not so much a necessity as a convenience." Kraft believes that the President will switch Bill Moyers, his press secretary, to Bundy's job.

In the influential Ford Foundation post, Bundy would be in an excellent position to re-enter the government if the opportunity arises. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara held the same post before being appointed to the Cabinet.