The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The story in the February 26 CRIMSON about SDS demonstrations on March 19 against U.S. corporations involved with South Africa was incorrect and misrepresentative in nearly everything stated. Facts both about the demonstrations and the reasons for it were inaccurate. On March 19, there will be demonstrations in Boston, but the demonstrations will consist of picketing and not sit-ins (unless later actions warrant it). The other glaring mistake is the continued mention of trade rather than the more important direct loans and investments, as the center of the protest.

Last January national SDS called for a campaign to publicize the direct United States support of Apartheid in South Africa. Responding to the call, Boston SDS got in touch with civil rights, religious, peace, and civic organizations in he Boston area to join the campaign. Out of a meeting of representatives of the groups, the Boston Committee Against U.S. Support of South Africa was set up. The Committee is sponsoring publicity in the news media, speakers at group meetings and campuses in the area, in addition to the immediate focus of the campaign: international demonstrations on March 19, two days before the anniversary of the 1960 Sharpeville massacre. The increased U.S. capital inflow in loans and direct investment was largely responsible for making the South African economy prosperous after the severe recession after Sharpeville.

In Boston the demonstrations and campaigning will be centered around the First National Bank of Boston, Kendall, United Shoe Machinery and Chrysler Corporation--and offices of Massachusetts senators and congressmen. The specific places are symbolic of the international consortiums of banks, the 200 large U.S. companies, and the gross government inaction that have permitted the South African government to continue its bloody and oppressive practices. On the same day demonstrations will take place in New York, Baltimore, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Canada, England, Germany, and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Join the protest campaign: the call to conscience has been heard, the time for action come. Nat Stillman, '68   Chairman, Boston Committee Against U.S. Support   of South Africa