Faculty Club's Horse Steaks Off the Menu

Professors with a penchant for horse steak have had to go without for the last two weeks. The Faculty Club was to drop it from the menu when their New York meat broker announced that his source had run out. According to Charles L. Coulson, manager of the Faculty Club, horse heat is "mostly for cat and dog consumption, but during World War II when there was a meat shortage, it put on the menu, and it's been there since."

"We've have trouble getting nice loins before," he said. But, he was confident that the $2 dinner would be available again soon.

The Faculty Club horse steak was publicized, following a comment by ex-Premier Khrushchev that ate horse meat because it has better than beef. The Associated noted that Harvard was one of the few places in the U.S. which regularly offered a good horse steak dinner. The horse steak in served with a sauce which, according to the teaching fellow with a taste for cuisine, suitably enhances the sweetness of the meat. "Onions could be all wrong," he added.