'Cliffe Deans Outline Riot Squad Tactics

The Radcliffe House Deans have outlined riot procedures for 'Cliffe head residents.

In meetings with the three House Councils, the Deans passed on a Cambridge police request that head residents try to keep 'Cliffies in their dormitories during a riot. The head residents were asked to report uncooperative girls to the Deans, who would be "very severe," according to Catherine D. Williston, Dean of North House.

"It's certainly not that we don't like spring riots," Dean Williston said, 'but we're especially concerned about the safety of the boys. Nobody wants a dead body because girls have egged the boys on to climb up the dormitory walls," she added.

"During the May 10 riot the Buildings and Grounds people wouldn't let the police into the dormitories because they had been ordered to let no one one in," one head resident said. Dean Williston said that the Radcliffe and Cambridge policing agencies have now coordinated their orders.