Committee Votes Later Parietals After Games

House parietal hours for Saturday nights after home football games will be extended until midnight next year. In houses in which House dances are planned, however, the parietals will end at the time the dance is scheduled to begin.

The Faculty Committee on the Houses voted yesterday to institute the new rules on a trial basis after considering a request by the Harvard Undergraduate Council that the changes be made.

In announcing the decision, Zeph Stewart, Master of Lowell House, said that the change had been made because the Committee "now feels that the character of the student body has gradually changed and that students are less likely to become disorderly at after-game parties than they were a couple of decades ago."

Stewart said that the change will be permanent if: (1) students do not become disorderly on Saturday nights after home football games and (2) attendance at post-game House dances does not suffer.

He added that "We also believe that the HUC is probably right in saying that attendance at House dances will not be significantly hurt by the change." In its report recommending the liberalized parietals, the HUC argued that "parietals do not necessarily detract from the appeal of House functions."

The Council urged in its report that the new rules be adopted to reduce the expense of football weekend dates and to "provide a relaxed, social situation."

Daniel C. Goldfarb Jr. '66, president of the HUC, said last night that he was "very pleased" with the Committee's decision. "We thought it was a reasonable request," Goldfarb said, "and I'm glad that the Committee agrees with us."