Kite Fliers Fight Back In Design School Tilt

Kite-fliers have been persecuted for centuries. Ben Franklin was among the foremost, and look what happened to him. And New York City has passed a law forbidding adults to fly kites in Central Park unless they are accompanied by a child ten years old or younger. Even the expression "Go fly a kite" has taken on the tone of "Ah, yer mother wears army boots."

But despair not. You can uplift the fallen kite-flier by going to the Graduate School of Design's annual kite-flying contest tomorrow. Schneider's Band leads the grand procession from Robinson Hall at 2 p.m. and will arrive at the Charles at 2:30.

Prizes of an undisclosed nature will be distributed and even kites that don't get off the ground will be rewarded for their efforts.